No Pre-sale

MOOV is able to be farmed on the Gyser platform, and later with mobile app

Fair Launch

The Gyser farm opened to the public January 1, 2021. Just lock WETH to earn MOOV

Developer Funds Locked

Developer funds have been locked for six months while the ecosystem gets built


Mobile App

We aim to reward users for being physically active. This is done through a mobile app (Coming soon) that tracks your steps and distance. Then you get rewarded in MoovIt ERC20 tokens or "MOOV('s)"

NFT Farm

MOOV tokens are able to be used in the live MOOV LP farming pool. This will be where users can stake MOOV LP tokens and earn MILK. MILK is then spent on the MoovIt NFT shop.



MOOV tokens will only be farmable before the mobile app launch. Only a small portion of tokens will be relesed this way. After the app launch, the app will be the primary method of earning the MOOV token. The MOOV token will represent a walking distance of 1KM and will be rewaderded at a 1:1 ratio.

510100000 Total Supply
382575000 App Rewards
40808000 Development
40808000 Fair Launch
20404000 Founder
25505000 NFT Artits